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SkyMall Ad: LifeChoice

We took the exclusive benefits of LifeChoice and spelled them out clearly with this ad using words and five benefit icons. This full-page ad was published in SkyMall Magazine – a 20 million circulation publication found in the seat backs of airplanes. We used this specific ballroom location in a historic hotel in Illinois and the hotel room upstairs as the Paris scene.

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Ad Campaign: Foundation Annual Giving Campaigns

This was the 8th consecutive year of creating a Brehm Foundation Annual Giving Campaign which includes the name, look and branding for the campaign year. “Your Generosity Grows People” was inspired by an actual letter from a parent of a student with learning disabilities. We selected to use that letter as a main part of the piece. In the letter, the mother relayed how she had not received a hug from her son in 10 years until after he attended the specialized school for some months. Hand lettering on the cover along with other powerful words and images helped to make this annual campaigns a success with a record amount of donations.